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Grooming Resources

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Offers for a dog grooming salon.
February Offers
We have TWO offers this month tailored for your dogs’ needs!
Fluff Clothing
Upper Hound Dog Grooming teams up with Fluff Clothing
Exciting News! We're thrilled to announce the official launch of Fluff clothing – our new line of pet-friendly fashion! Get 20% off your first order.
We've revamped our website
Get the low-down on our new and improved website, now with a dedicated section for dog groomer training.
Cute brown dog taking a bath in a tub.
The importance of bathing your dog for health and comfort
Regular baths are crucial for health, preventing skin issues and keeping your dog's coat clean, comfortable, and mat-free with professional grooming.
A groomer cleaning a dog's teeth.
Improve your dog's dental care with Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning
If your furry friend shows signs like tartar, plaque, red gums, or that not-so-pleasant breath, you're not alone.
A puppy having a bath.
Maintaining your dog's coat between appointments
Maintain your dog's coat with regular brushing and gentle shampoos, complementing professional grooming care.
A black and a golden dog sitting on a couch.
Choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle
So, you are ready to get a dog, but what dog should you get? Choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle should not be taken lightly...
England's Business Awards' logo.
We're regional finalist for England's Business Awards
Back in July we were nominated for England's Business Awards' Dog Grooming category which was all very exciting!
Dog grooming guide.
Caring for your dog between visits to the groomers
A simple guide to help you look after your dog when you're unable to visit the Groomers.
A white puppy sitting on a chair.
Your puppy’s first year at the groomers
Grooming sessions are not just about style, or keeping coats in tiptop condition, they can also be enjoyable experiences for dogs.

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