Dog Grooming Courses in Hampshire

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Start your journey towards a fulfilling career in dog grooming at our Training Academy in Hampshire.

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Dog grooming courses

Explore our courses, tailored to your needs.

Dog Grooming Taster Session
Advanced payment required

Considering a career as a Dog Groomer? Interested in starting your own business or joining a team working with dogs every day? If so, our Dog Grooming Taster Day is the ideal choice.

Dog Grooming Salon
Monday - Friday
Level-3 Diploma in Dog Grooming
Payment plans available

Want practical hands-on experience to develop your skills across a variety of breeds and styles, and gain a solid foundation to set up on your own? This fully-certified course is for you.

40 practical days + home study
Training centre
Monday - Friday
Level-3 Diploma
Level-3 Diploma in Dog Grooming
Payment plans available

Already an experienced groomer but not fully-certified? Whether you currently have a Level 2 qualification, or no formal qualifications this course is for you.

1 practical day + home study
Your salon
Level-3 Diploma

Trusted by industry associations and professional bodies

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How to start a uk dog grooming business 2024 ebook.

How to start a UK dog grooming business in 2024

Are you thinking of starting your own dog grooming business? If so, this free guide will provide you with lots of expert advice, tips, and pointers on what to do so that you can achieve your goals.

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Why study with us

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Effective learning from the start

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No prior experience required

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Flexible weekday learning

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Convenient Hampshire location

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Avoid grooming mistakes

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What does the Level-3 Diploma in Dog Grooming course at Upper Hound Training Academy entail?
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Can I complete a dog grooming course entirely online?
What are common challenges faced by dog groomers?
Is there a high demand for dog groomers in the UK?
What should I consider before setting up a dog grooming business from home?
How can I speed up my dog grooming process without compromising quality?
Do you offer guidance on becoming a self-employed dog groomer?
What qualifications do I need to enrol in the dog grooming training programme?
Are online or distance learning options available for the training programme?
Do you offer flexible payment terms?

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The Academy

Upper Hound Training Academy, located in picturesque Hampshire, offers tailored courses with expert instructors. Our tailored courses cater to your unique needs and aspirations. Our dedicated instructors are committed to nurturing the skills necessary for your success in the dog grooming industry. Whether you're switching careers, starting a new business, or elevating your existing expertise, we provide the resources to launch your career to new heights.

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Become a certified dog groomer

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