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Your puppy’s first year at the groomers

Your puppy’s first year at the groomers

Grooming sessions are not just about style, or keeping coats in tiptop condition, they can also be enjoyable experiences for dogs.

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Early grooming is a way to introduce your puppy to new environments, sounds and sensations in a fun way. This helps puppies with their mental development, their confidence and their independence and that translates into benefits in other areas too. A visit to the vet or staying at a dog sitter’s house will be easier if your puppy is accepting of new situations and people.

It’s important not to miss the puppy stage in grooming. Dogs benefit from being mentally prepared for any interaction or treatment, and if their coats are in good condition as puppies, the adult groom can be a breeze!

What we do

  • A puppy groom can last up to 1.5 hours. This enables the groomer to take things at the puppy’s pace. It’s important not to rush and to introduce the salon experience in a calm and fun way because it's a great place to be!
  • After a consultation we introduce the puppy to the bathing area. This is a secure bath tub with a gentle shower. Shampoo is diluted in lukewarm water and worked through the coat. Puppies enjoy the warm water and often have a little doze at this stage.
  • Once rinsed we introduce them to a low pressure dryer. If the puppy is concerned at first we will pop a little hood over the ears to muffle the sound. Once the puppy is relaxed, we can remove the hood and carry on with the drying process.
  • Longer coats can be brushed out with a soft slicker brush once they are dry.
  • We gently clean the puppy’s ears and trim their nails. We like to file the nails as well, as this leaves them rounded and smooth.
  • To finish, we like to use a natural spritz, and take a photo of your now salon-perfect puppy.

Introducing your puppy to grooming at an early stage means in addition to general handling, your puppy will get used to having their paws touched and nails clipped. Holistic (whole body) grooming is beneficial for your puppy’s health too.  The groomer is constantly checking for anything unusual, such as, lumps and bumps, skin issues, parasites, or even grass seeds, so health concerns can be spotted and dealt with sooner rather than later.

Planning your first trip to the groomers

  • Once your puppy has had their vaccinations, they are ready to come for their first puppy groom.
  • A puppy groom is advised at 3-4 months, at 4-5 months and at 5-6 months.
  • An adult groom can be carried out from the age of 6 months, after a consultation about the maturity of their coat.

Grooming and veterinary operations

  • If you plan to have your dog neutered, plan this around your groom; if your dog has a wool type coat, it’s better to prepare by going a little shorter to prevent matting during the time the dog is healing from the operation
  • Dog Body Suits are sometimes supplied after an operation. Please be aware, if your dog has a wool type coat then the friction of wearing the suit will cause matting. Limiting the time the suit is worn, brushing your dog, or even avoiding the suit all together will help to prevent coat damage.

What to look for when choosing a groomer

  • Look at reviews. At the end of the day, customers are the best judge.
  • Ask other dog owners for recommendations.
  • Check the groomer’s qualifications. We are qualified and we continue with our professional development, as this is not just a job, it's our passion.
  • All salons must have an up to date insurance certificate.
  • Salons should be transparent about their cleaning standards, as hygiene is paramount. It is also important to protect dogs from hazardous cleaning products. We are happy for our customers to look around the salon before booking an appointment. We use natural cleaning products and ensure there are no dangerous substances in the salon environment.
  • Ask the groomer about the products they use. Salons should invest in top quality shampoos and equipment. We only use safe, professional products that have been specifically designed for dogs.
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