Pampering dogs. It's what we do best.

When it comes to dog grooming, we know that a happy dog means a happy owner. Our team of dog grooming stylists are trained meticulously to provide a high-standard of work, and to ensure your dog is thoroughly looked after in our care.

French Bull Dog

Because every dog deserves to look it's best.

We provide a range of natural treatments that will help make your dog look, smell and feel great. Our grooms can be carried out to the breed standard or be tailored to suit your dog's lifestyle and your unique preference.

The salon
Dog Grooming salon reception

How we go about our day

Listen carefully to our customers needs and style preferences.
Make honest, helpful suggestions that would benefit the dog.
Avoid the need to rush the dog or sacrifice quality for speed.
Share knowledge and experiences with our customers and team.
Admit when we have good reason to not do what is asked.
Remain calm and positive around every dog, every day.