The Upper Hound way...

Regular dog grooming is the only way to keep your dog's coat and skin healthy and clean.

When your dog visits us for their Groom you can be reassured that they will receive the care, respect & love the we give our own pets.

It all starts with a bath with natural shampoo followed by a dry and brush out to remove dead skin or minor tangles and matts. Next, we carry out a fresh haircut or re-style session to your own requirements – all finished off with lots of cuddles and a scented mist.

When you make an appointment request  we will get back to you with a price estimate related to the size, coat condition and temperament of your dog. A final quote will be confirmed once we meet during your consultation on the day. Pricing for a full groom depends on the size of the dog, their coat type, coat condition, and dogs behaviour.