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Ozone Spa Treatment

Revitalise your dog's skin health

Elevate your dog's skin health with this innovative treatment from the hot springs in Japan. Great for odour and grease removal, while soothing irritation.

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Benefits of an Ozone Spa

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Nutrient absorption

Improved blood circulation enables efficient absorption of essential nutrients and oxygen, promoting skin cell regeneration and a healthier coat.

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Compressed tablet

Inspired by the healing properties of Nagayu's therapeutic hot springs, the treatment emulates the beneficial effects for revitalisation and skin health.

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Deep cleaning and odour removal

The ion-infused rinse deeply cleanses pores, eliminating trapped mineral waste that causes grease build up and odours, resulting in a fresher cleaner coat.

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Protective skin layers

Preventing dryness, irritation, and imbalances. Consistent sessions help alleviate symptoms, particularly for dogs with prolonged skin issues.

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Boosts circulation

More nutrients and oxygen is carried through the blood, enhancing the circulatory system and speeding up cell regeneration and healing.

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Barks of approval

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Our doggos actually get excited when we pull up outside Upper Hound for their treatments.
Faith Scott-Vokes
Feb 2024
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Ruby’s tail didn’t stop wagging the whole time she was with them
Steve White
Sep 2021
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Baileys groom was immaculate!
Richard Windard
Sep 2022
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We have been going here since they opened and always feel happy and confident leaving our boy with them...
Leanne Woodley
Feb 2024
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Stanley looks the Mutz Nutz 😃
Sep 2021
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Absolutely amazing service from the team
Milne-clark Millie
Sep 2023
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