Teeth Cleaning

More effective than ordinary brushing and removes the need for anaesthesia, Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning for dogs is a gentle and stress-free process that will improve their oral health.

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Teeth Cleaning

80% of dogs over the age of 3 suffer from inflammation of the gums, which is why good dental hygiene is as important to your dog’s health as regular exercise. Bacteria and other impurities within your dog’s mouth are also the main cause of mouth odour.

Using a specially designed brush and ultrasonic technology, millions of microscopic bubbles are created which implode and reach into the smallest of spaces in the dog’s mouth, softening tartar and breaking down plaque.

The formulated toothpaste acts as a conductor for the ultrasonic waves and together these have a sterilising effect on your dog's mouth, cleaning up to 12 mm deep below the gum line and killing bacteria and impurities in hidden, normally inaccessible areas.

Not only does the treatment clean your dog's teeth, it has a healing effect on the gums, leading to reduced inflammation and bleeding.

The noticeable benefits of regular ultrasonic brushing treatments will be a dog with fresher breath, with continued treatment you will notice reduced staining and healthier looking teeth and gums.

We usually carried out during your dog's groom. You can block-book a course of sessions or Pay-As-You-Go. For hygiene purposes, each dog has its own brush head. During your initial consultation, you will receive your brush head which you can either store with us or bring along to each session.

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