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Luxury treatments

Upper Hound Deluxe

The full pampering experience for your dog

Includes a gold-standard deep-conditioning soak, blueberry facial scrub, nose and paw healing balm and fresh breath treatment

Golden Oldie

Brighten up a senior dog’s coat and soothe their tired joints

Includes a mobility mud soak that relieves sore muscles and achy joints, teeth cleaning treatment, a blueberry facial scrub.

De-Shedding Mud Treatment

Unclog hair follicles and release heavy undercoat

Made with hypoallergenic, nutrient-rich clay to gently cleanse, protect, and rejuvenate without harsh chemicals. Reduces shedding by up to 80% and continues to nourish the skin for many hours after


Book separately or as an add-on to your dog's groom

  • Blueberry facial scrub – £5.00
  • Nail and pad trim – £10.00
  • Eye tidy – £8.00
  • Teeth cleaning – £5.00
  • Tick removal – £3.00